Slinging a smooth stone

Sometimes, choices must be made by what's working, not beliefs.

by C.F. David,

Editor, The Boise City News

My mother used to tell me she hated stereotypes; she thought it unfair that all teenagers be lumped together under any particular tag. However, were I ever seen, or perceived to have been seen, with teens of a questionable character, she would say, “You are known by the company you keep.”

“Really?” I'd ask, “Then why aren't they known as having been ‘good' for being seen with me?”

Perceptions, and tags, are never more apparent than during an election year.

Bush is perceived by many as a shirker since he never served in active duty during wartime.

Kerry is perceived as either a war hero for his decorations, or a traitor since he returned from war and began actively protesting against the most divisive war in our nation's history.

Charges against both men are slippery slopes; Bush, though never having served in active duty, and perhaps having missed some drills, never burned a draft card nor went to Canada. Neither did Kerry.

Bush, has embroiled the nation in wars on two fronts and started a fight in Iraq on questionable purposes. It has been, and is, stretching our troops and their supplies to the breaking point. One more flare-up around the globe and we are really in trouble.

News references of late have alluded to Bush's alleged past use of drugs.

Winston Churchill lead England through the Battle of Britain and WWII while drunk.

I really don't care if Bush as a young man used drugs. However, if you can prove he did a line of cocaine or took a hit from a crack pipe and then declared war on Iraq, talk to me.

Kerry, the man who wants to be a hero of a war he protested, has already said he would withdraw the troops from Iraq. To accomplish what? Leave what allies we have there to die? Let that small, flickering chance of democracy perish?

Our present political leadership has allowed the battles in Iraq to erode to a Vietnam type mindset. We can shoot the bad guys on the street, but not in a hallowed mosque from where they are shooting at us. This is a dangerous precedent to a lasting peace. During WWII we bombed the cities of Germany and Japan to the ground and then we took their government's unconditional surrenders. In Korea and Vietnam we achieved “Peace” by negoiation, ‘nuff said.


Politics has always been much like a vicious, bloody fight in a pit with no escape. Words, spoken in innocence and ignorance have reared their ugly heads and destroyed good careers...and men.

On the home front and in our state we have a heated contest for United States Senator. Some things said have been less than well received.

Republican Tom Coburn, has made his reputation for having said he would serve only two terms as a U.S. Rep. and he kept his word.

He seemingly is a man of principal; but, he has allegedly turned down federal highway funds for Oklahoma because he felt as if he were being bribed if he took it and said he was sickened by having to vote for an Ag bill.

Mr. Coburn, a Muskogee Doctor of Obstetrics, shares many of the ideals that those in the Panhandle hold dear, he's:

H Antiabortion, (Though he might have had to perform a few as a matter of lifesaving medical necessity.)

H Pro-gun, though he's been quoted as having said he thought it was OK to possess a bazooka.

H Believes in prayer in schools and the Ten Commandments in courthouses.

H He's running for the U.S. Senate, but has been quoted as saying he couldn't give a flip about winning. Then why run?

However, even though we all say we hate “professional politicians” Dr. Coburn may need a reality check. I'd love to see the system changed. But until it is, our Panhandle farmers, our highways, depend on the influence of congressional seniority and cooperation.

Mr. Carson began his career at the knee of David Boren; and he's already gotten his feet wet as a U.S. Representative. (As has Coburn.) He's been accused of raiding Social Security; Dr. Coburn wishes to privitize it.

I applaud Dr. Coburn for his beliefs. However, until the entire congress shares them, we need a man as senator who plans to stick around, earn some senority and try to bring some of those tax dollars back to our state and to the Panhandle.

In this day, this age, power speaks. Carson plans to seek it, and hold it. Coburn plans to go for a couple of terms and come home.

In our nation's leadership, we need to see the problem and stay the course.

Kerry wants to back up; Coburn seems to be content to let everyone else have federal funds. The former won't solve the problem. The latter won't put jingle in our pocket or keep our roads in shape, no matter how distasteful we find the process. In my opinion, we need to send Kerry back to Boston, and Coburn to Muskogee.

The word for the week is vexillology.

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