Slinging a smooth stone


C.F. David, Editor

The Boise City News

The only thing dumber than a tele-evangelist is an eco-evangelist

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” - Rudyard Kipling


Just when you think no one can say anything stupider than Pat Robertson, Robert Kennedy Jr. steps up and hits a verbal grand slam homer out of the park. In a recent blog on his website, JR, basically blamed Hurricane Katrina on Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. Kennedy took the governor to task for his support of President Bush's Energy policy decisions from about four years ago. So, according to JR's flawed eco-evangelism, Barbour, by his support of fossil fuels caused Katrina and her resulting havoc.

Well as long as we are placing blame, let's put the decision of every alcoholic that has chosen to imbibe since Prohibition at Kennedy's doorstep, since his grandfather Joe was purported to have been a high-end bootlegger.


As for Katrina and her damage, there is more than enough blame to go around from individual choices, and decisions made at the city, county, state and federal levels.

A lot of people screwed up. Each of the government entities, (City, County, State and Federal), have known for several years that there was no plan to evacuate the indigent and ill of New Orleans.

It isn't President Bush's fault directly, but he has some department heads, who should lose their jobs. (After the floods have receded.)

F The National Guard was late in arriving; they should have been staged up in nearby states such as Georgia, waiting to go in as soon as the storm passed.

F Homeland Security is supposed to be the umbrella agency coordinating those agencies under its purview; but it seems the different bureaucracies couldn't/wouldn't talk to each other.

F Red Tape seemed to still be a problem, FEMA, reportedly refused to work with some private hospitals, and allegedly even cut some lines of communication because they hadn't given permission for them to be established.

And according to the agency's spokesperson they couldn't accept as fact from several live television reports that people were thirsty, hungry and hurting at the Convention Center.

All it takes is a little courage to think and act as an individual rather than a bureaucratic clone.

F The president said “No one thought the levees would fail. In such a crisis, the worst possible scenario should be planned for.

F The mayor knew he hadn't the transportation to remove the indigent and ill. I saw hundreds of cars left behind. Did he ever give any thought to commandeering transportation? ( He by the way went to Baton Rouge, Rudy Gulliani set up his headquarters near ground zero on 9/11.)

Now then, for those who were so bellicose that the people leaving New Orleans were not refugees, but American citizens . Of course they are American citizens; however, I recommend they also check a dictionary:

Refugee- A displaced person, a stateless person who flees in search of refuge.

Refuge -protection or shelter from danger or hardship.

The Politically Correct Police need to get of their high horses and help, rather than swat at the proverbial gnats

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