by Norma Jean Young

A while back I was told that working crossword puzzles would help my memory. Since I sometimes have trouble remembering “why did I come in this room?” I decided to try it. As occasional readers of this column know, I try to always be helpful (sometimes), so here we go.

One of the books I purchased used many names of people (actors, actresses, writers, musicians) who are not familiar to those of you who are much younger than I am. So here are some examples—with the answers given at the end of this mess. No peeking!


Give the rest of the names of these actresses and actors: Helen—Dunne— Theda—Myrna—West—Sheridan—Fay—Bernhardt—Lon—

Musicians: Ted—Porter—Artie—John Philip—Brown—Ira and George—Kay—

Who was McDonald's partner? Who was Jekyll by night? What was Eddie Cantor's wife's name? Name three Marx brothers? Who were the Charles family? What was Charley Chaplin's prop? What was the Gunsmoke town? Who was the Oriental movie sleuth? What was writer Ernie's last name? Who played in “Top Hat”? What was the big Lopez hit?


Dave Barry had a good suggestion recently for the name of a rock band: “Contaminates Tumbleweeds”.


I admit my memory isn't so great, but I thought until recently that my hearing was in good shape. But I thought I heard the announcer say “The last of the old Fords are here”. Then a Chevrolet commercial came on. I scratched my head a minute and finally realized the announcer had said “The last of the 04s are here”. That made quite a difference. So okay, my hearing is as bad as my memory.


Here are the answers. Actors and actresses: Hayes. Irene. Bari. Loy. Mae. Ann. Wray. Sarah. Chaney.

Musicians: Lewis. Cole. Shaw. Sousa. Les. Gershwin. Kyser.

Now the answers to “who was” and what were”: Nelson Eddy was the partner of Jeanette McDonald (that fooled you, didn't it?). The rest: Hyde. Ida. Harpo, Groucho, Chico. Nick, Nora, and Asta (the dog). Cane. Dodge City. Charley Chan. Pyle. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. “Nola”


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