Redland Industries, Inc. breaks ground on Guymon biodiesel plant

by Lori Kraft, freelance writer

Friday, Sept. 16 marked the birth of a dream!

Executive members of Redland Industries, Inc., the Guymon Chamber of Commerce, legislators from the state of Oklahoma and many people of the community joined together at the building site to break ground for the first Oklahoma owned bio-diesel plant to be built in the state.

“This is the birth of a dream coming for a long time. We are so pleased to be in Guymon today,” said Randy Kamm, Redland vice-president of sales and marketing.

The ground breaking ceremony was a celebration of all the hard work from many individuals within the industry, as well as local chamber members and those at the state level. “This is a monumental occasion because of a great team,” stated Kent Powell, CEO of Redland Industries. “The work from our state representatives and the people within the city of Guymon is incredible. Thank you.”

Miles Tolbert, Oklahoma Secretary of Environment, explained the importance of the occasion to the community and state of Oklahoma. “The peak is long gone for pumping, drilling, and the exploring of natural gas and oil,” he said. “This gives us a new kind of industry in Oklahoma and permanent potential. This gives us a future as an energy state and revitalizes the rural economy. A remarkable day is about to dawn on behalf of the state of Oklahoma and this is definitely a step forward.”

During the ground breaking celebration, the Guymon Chamber of Commerce congratulated the company and welcomed them to the community.

Powell acknowledged the efforts of those involved in the passing of House Bill 1398. State Rep. Gus Blackwell, State Senator Owen Laughlin, and Representative James Covey received plaques. “Without the passing of this bill and their hard work we wouldn't be here today,” Powell stated.

“This event is about unprecedented partnerships at every level through education,” explained Rep. Covey. “This bill put Oklahoma in the forefront to be able to go to the pumps and purchase bio-diesel.”

“The pillars for growth are a spirit of invention and discovery, and entrepreneurship and a free enterprise system,” explained Senator Laughlin. “A great philosopher said an invisible hand is at work when people engage in commerce and capitalism, and what is good for self is good for the community.” Laughlin also voiced appreciation to the investors for Redlands Industries, and openly thanked Rep. Blackwell for his work. “Gus moved heaven and earth to get this done with his work on House Bill 1398.”

“We all worked hard and did what we could concerning this bill,” Rep. Blackwell said. “Usually our work is done through words and on paper, so it is really good to be here and witness the moment of the dirt being broken and actually see the hard work come to being. This provides a future for the children in the Oklahoma Panhandle.”

Redland Industries, Inc., plans to begin production in the second quarter of 2006 as a primary refiner for the commercialization of bio-diesel fuel, an alternative fuel source produced from animal fats, thus increasing the value of the primary raw material for agricultural producers. In turn, the bio-diesel will create a positive impact on the environment by reducing the emissions from internal combustion engines. “We are not in competion with the petroleum industry, but working with them,” said Powell.

The net effect creates a winning situation for all parties involved.

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