Happenings at Cimarron Memorial

Amy Roberts

I know that it seems like Cimarron Memorial is only in the paper when there is exciting controversy or turmoil, sorry not today. Most would agree that we would rather be more on the uneventful side than the hot topic at the water cooler. Cimarron Memorial has made it through many pivotal points in the last 50+ years of history. It is my belief that it has made it through because of the dedicated support of the community and the tenacity and support of the faithful employees (not to toot our own horn). Without the community choosing their local facility for services needed, Cimarron Memorial would have crumbled sometime ago. We don't have any “fancy or new” equipment, buildings, or high-tech services, but what we do have are qualified, caring physicians, understanding administration, a gentle, caring nursing staff, and a bounty of individuals with their own flare to give quality care and service with that home town touch. Sometimes it is necessary for you to go to other facilities for more in-depth services than those offered locally, that is understandable. It is the feeling of many folks that small towns that support themselves, sustain themselves. We look forward to serving you and your family for many years to come and thank you all. I would also like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in learning more about the Cimarron Memorial to come on out to our next Board Meeting on Thursday, September 29, 2005.

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