Cimarron County 's Star party attracted 260 astronomers to Kenton's “black nights”.

The event is hosted each year by local merchants and the Heritage Center .

There were license plates from Kansas , Illinois , Iowa , Texas , Indiana, Arizona , California , Pennsylvania , Colorado , Alabama and other points in the 48 contiguous United States .

There were a lot of telescopes, (one was delivered from the factory, another bought on site), and after 9 p. m., white light wasn't welcome. At 8:45 one individual broke the approaching night with his low beams as he came up the road. “Anyone bring a rifle?” joked one irate stargazer.

Telescopes ranged from common binoculars, to larger mirrored scopes measuring 20 inches or more. Some of the telescopes, and their software and attachments can track the earth's rotation and stay fixed to a minute point of light emitted from a star or constellation millions of years ago.

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