Maybe I have a short memory or perhaps a selective memory, but I don't remember the wind ever blowing as furiously hard as it did last week.. It was like all the wind we generally have - and which we haven't had this summer - had been gathering in some big “air warehouse” somewhere west of here. And in one day it was all released at once. I'm sure I haven't seen a lot of the damage incurred by the blasting winds, but I have noticed that many trees have lost huge branches. A big pine tree at the Dairy Queen is precariously leaning in an easterly direction. And I was sorry to see that Jim and Daryl Palmer lost one of the beautiful trees in their front yard.

I was talking to my sister, Nancy, that afternoon on the phone. She was telling me of the tree limbs that were scattered about her front yard, thankful that they had missed her windows, but concerned about being able to drag them away. Then she said she had to go, because someone was out in her front yard. She told me later that when she went outside, there was Dean and Barbara Thompson, saws in hand. Barbara had been driving by after going to the post office, and she noticed Nancy 's yard littered with tree branches. So she went home, gathered up Dean and the saws, and returned to help in any way they could. Just because!

Oh, but that we would all perform such random acts of kindness for one another. Remember - it was very windy that day and Barbara could easily have just driven by and told Dean when she got home, “Too bad for Nancy .” But no, she took action. And by doing something, she perpetuated the thread of goodness that runs through our world, holding us all together and sustaining us when we think goodness and kindness are in short supply.


Speaking of family members….when he can, my brother, Robbie, has been walking with me in the evenings. It is good to have his company, because his stride is longer than mine and I am forced to step it up to keep up! Plus, we tend to walk further when he's along. Then add one energetic black canine named Shiloh (who is teaching me how to be led by a leash) and I am finding that the miles are rolling by. Tucumcari is not yet on the horizon, but I am drawing nearer, having now walked 121 miles. And with the passing of each mile on this quest, I have left behind not only the sorrow that forced me to make a change in my life, but also fifty pounds. And along the road that is sometimes solitary and sometimes shared, I have come to realize that change is a good thing, even when it doesn't start out that way. The first steps I took felt so awkward and forced. But then gradually - oh, so gradually - I have found a comfortable stride and I have kept walking forward, knowing that with each mile my heart and soul is growing stronger. Yes, I know now that there is truth in the old adage about dark clouds having silver linings. I just had to walk long enough and far enough to be able to see the light shining just beyond that dark cloud.


I am always looking for examples of determination, stamina and perseverance - people who keep going, no matter what! And my latest, newest “hero” is Brill Vaughn. Sunday afternoon I saw him out walking. He was still resplendent in his “Sunday-go-to-meeting” suit and hat, and he was pushing a walker in front of him. I know that Brill has some health challenges, but there he was, taking a stroll around the block, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon's heavenly sunlight. I wanted to stop and tell him that I admire him for facing life's challenges and for not giving up or giving in. But I didn't. I just watched him make his way down the street, and I smiled.

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