Hello all,

This week made my hair stand up literally!! My parents and I went to the tri-state-fair in Amarillo . It was so cool let me tell you about it.

First I went to the unique petting zoo. When I was petting a llama my mom turned into a wimp and backed off because she was afraid it would spit because it looked like a camel in the face. There were goats that were very friendly because they wanted the food in our hands. They would even climb us to try to get to the cups. One goat even had kids this week. I could pet them through the fence because they were separated from the others because they were so tiny. Do you think that kangaroos have stiff hair? Actually it is very soft, even as soft as my rabbit's. The Scottish highlanders were short hairy calves. I had never seen any before and had to ask what they were. The deer chased the goats away from the people with food and even tried to eat our shirts!!

We went on to the rides. We were surprised to see some of my friends. First we went on an octopus which starts spinning then it lifts you almost upside down. It was my first ride in seven years so it was a shock when it was almost upside down!! Then we went on the tilt-a-whirl. It's a ride that the more you lean the more it spins!! Then almost my favorite was a tilt-a-whirl type roller coaster that was the tallest one!! The storm was my very favorite because you tie yourself in and it just spins until you feel like your face is stuck and you can't move at all!! My dad got sick the third time on this one-actually just dizzy, so we had to quit the rides.

We went into one of the exhibit buildings and found people from a wildlife refuge north of Amarillo . They had a baby monkey and a baby chimpanzee. The chimp's name was Walter. He sat in my lap and groomed me while the woman took our picture. I got to play with him while we waited for the photo to print. I highly recommend it but only if they wear a diaper.

Then there was the fair food. I had rib-on-a-stick, cherry limeade, and ended it all with a huge funnel cake! I love fair food. It's the best in the world!

Two straight weeks of “fairygoodness” has been awesome. I think this is a great way to start off the fall season. I am looking forward to more fun before the end of the year.

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