Sharon-Mutual 54; Boise City -18

by C.F. David

The Sharon-Mutual Trojans, ranked seventh in the state showed up to play Friday night. They caught the Boise City Wildcat varsity sleeping. Penalties and lackluster blocking cost the Wildcats in the first half. The ‘Cat offense never advanced beyond the 50. That lack of penetration and several bad snaps on punts, consistantly left the defense in a deep hole.

At one point, first-year Head Coach Nathan Halcomb took the field and told the team to start blocking or he'd bring in the second string.

At the end of the first quarter it was 22-0.

The first half ended with the Trojans on top, 42-0.

During the break, Halcomb made good on his threat. The second half began with several Freshmen on the field as lettermen watched from the sideline.

Freshmen Reed Gore, Todd Munsch and Brad Ottinger, along with Sophomore Matthew Wiley made their presence known on both sides of the ball in the second half.

Gore took a pitch from QB Trey Sparkman, evaded a Trojan in the backfield and streaked 40 yards down the west sideline for the ‘Cat's first TD, the try for two was no good.

With 11:06 left in the fourth quarter, Gore scored his second touchdown.

Gore also made a TD saving open field tackle with a flying leap to bring down a speedy Zack Starks of the Trojans.

With the ‘Cats threatening at first and goal, with less than seven seconds on the clock, Sparkman called on number one, the 119 pound Matthew Wiley. Wiley took the pitch and bounced, weaved, struggled and fell into the end zone with the clock showing no time; it was 54-18.

A frustrated Halcomb sat and watched game film on Monday.

“All week we had one of our better weeks in practice,” he said with a shake of his head. “They whipped our tails,” he admitted. “The first half was embarrassing.”

Halcomb was complimentary of Gore and Ottinger, mentioning that Ottinger stood out while playing in an unfamilair position.

Asked about Wiley's effort with time running out, Halcomb said, “I tried to emphasize that that was the kind of effort, emotion and heart we needed on every down.”

Defensive Coach Doug Daffern pointed to Freshmen Tony Reyes and Todd Munsch as being the defensive standouts of the game.

Asked what he knew of the Rolla team they face on Friday night, and how he planned to prepare, Halcomb shrugged.

“We have no film, but I've talked to a couple of coaches who told me they were very physical. The important thing is, we have to show up,” Halcomb said.

Rolla, like the Wildcats are 0 and three and hungry.

The opening kickoff with Rolla game will have the ‘Cats several young men on the bench with injuries, and the return of Sophomore letterman Jeremy Richardson for his first snap of the 2006 season.


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