In a magazine article I found the ten worst foods for your diet, I am not sure I agree, but this is their opinion.

Number one on the list is high in fat, refined starch (white flour), and sugar donuts. Two is cheesecake at 1100 calories per slice. Three is ice cream. Four is coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccino.Five is cream brulee. Six is fettuccine alfredo at 1200 calories per serving. Seven is a blooming onion at 2000 calories. Eight is the big double burger in some restaurants. Nine, which I am in total agreement is liver because it is an organ that stores all of the body's toxins and poisons. And number ten., charred grilled meat.

Good grief, what is there left to eat? Fresh vegetables, fruit, milk products, grains, and meat should be the answer. Let's get back to basics and eat right!

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