Florida company named in felony counts

A Tarpon Springs, Fla. company, M.B.E. Inc. has been charged in Cimarron County's District Court with three felony counts involving a hazardous waste.

According to a story first reported by the Guymon Daily Herald, on Aug. 26, Tony and Manuel Gialousis, the former Vice-president and Secretary of M.B.E. Inc., of Tarpon Springs, were charged with one count of unlawful transportation and two counts of unlawful waste management, pertaining to paint removed from a Cimarron County bridge. The bridge, located some eight miles southwest of Boise City, crosses the Beaver River on Highway 385.

According to court documents obtained by The Boise City News, between Aug. 14 and 27, 2001, M.B.E. had sandblasted a lead-based paint from the bridge and hauled approximently 75 tons of the toxic waste to a site located at the junction of State Highway 412 and Highway 385, some two and one-half miles north of the bridge.

Count three also accuses the company and the Gialousises of disposing of some of the toxic waste beneath the bridge.

The charge of unlawful transportation, is punishable by an imprisonment of not more than five years and a fine of not more than $25 thousand dollars.

The two charges of unlawful waste management, (storing at the intersection and disposal under the bridge), are punishable by an imprisonment of not more than five years and a fine of not more than $50 thousand dollars, each.

The charges are a result of an investigation of more than two years and not confined to Cimarron County.

According to a similar story filed in the Purcell Register on June 17, 2004, M.B.E. and the Gialousises face six similar charges in the McClain County District Court.

According to the story written by Register reporter, Susie Williams, M.B.E. allegedly transported some 90 tons of lead-laced paint chips to a storage site in Purcell, after they had been informed by ODOT officials that a licensed transporter would be required.

According to William's report, some of the material was moved under the cloak of darkness.

Similar sites were investigated and located near Tishamingo, Cordell, Vian and Oklahoma City.

According to a spokesperson for the Oklahoma Department of Envirnmental Quality, similar charges were filed against M.B.E., the two men and company president Fani Gialousis, on Aug. 27, in Texas County. The company president has also been charged with filing an illegal document.

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