Keyes-Yarbrough forge old rivalries into new alliance

Much like anything else, the decision to co-op football between Keyes and Yarbrough came down to numbers, according to Keyes Superintendent Ed Turlington.

“My interest in participation with co-oping with Boise City was down to about two students,” Turlington explained. “But I had about 11 guys, many who'd never played before said they'd like to co-op with Yarbrough.”

“Mr. Pebsworth (Yarbrough Superintendent Ray Pebsworth) had about the same thing, he only had about two who were interested in co-oping with Guymon and about 11 who were interested in more than being a small part of a larger thing.”

Turlington explained that Pebsworth chose the name, (According to the dictionary a titan is an individual or thing of great strength) and the schools combined their colors of blue and white for Keyes and burgundy and white for Yarbrough. (Keyes toned down from royal to baby blue)

During play, each school stands and honors the other's fight song and stand together for the co-op fight song (Notre Dame's).

The spirit of cooperation continues throughout the endeavor; young women from each school make up the cheerleading squads, and on Friday night, each school will crown their own football queen.

Most of these kids haven't played since the seventh or eighth grade,” Turlington said of the team of which he is head coach. Nevertheless, the team racked up large numbers on Friday night against another first year team, Duke, which traveled from near Altus to take a 60 to 18 thrashing.

The Titans first outing against Walsh Colorado's Eagles wasn't as friendly, losing 46 to six. However, Turlington explained that he'd made three starters from his defensive secondary watch the game from the bench, punishment for behavior he wouldn't condone.

“Football has got to be about more that scoring points and winning games. It needs to build character,” Turlington said. ‘We had to establish discipline and we took a loss to do it.

He explained that he pulled another player during Friday's game against Duke for “showboating”.

“I coached a 5A team in Florida, you've got to teach the kids about what's right,” he said.

Turlington said he was proud of his team's offensive effort on Friday night.

“We'll be playing three rated schools on our schedule and we have only one senior on the team,” Turlington said.

Future plans call for the refurbishment of the Keyes field (The sidewalk has been removed.) and use it for junior varsity games in the 2005-06 season.

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