An annoying little creature we all deal with every 13 or 17 years is the cicada, better known as the locust.

There are many species of cicada, but they are all in the genus Magicicada.

These noisy little insects have a chirp that can be heard for one half mile. Their life cycle is interesting in that the adult stage is not the dominant stage. The adult lives for only a month or so but the larva lives underground for many years. After a period of either 13 or 17 years, depending on the species, the larva emerges and climbs a tree or other tall structure and molts into an adult.

During the month the adult is alive it mates and lays eggs. The eggs are layed in trees, usually in the fork of newly forming branches. When the eggs hatch the larva fall to the ground and burrow down to the roots of trees. They live off the roots until they climb up the tree and the cycle starts over again.

Kids love to play with the exoskeletons of the molting larva. Explore your world. You will find something fascinating!

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