If this war is about freedom why are we losing ours?

The nation paused yesterday to remember the two thousand plus individuals who were murdered on Sept. 11, 2001 .

In the process, President Bush continued to try and connect the invasion and now three year-old war in Iraq with 9-11. Only his diehard backers still, (if ever), believe this.

The U.S. Senate has said the CIA investigation shows no connection.

As a Team-Player Secretary-of-State Condoleezza Rice has been defending the President's claim on every talk show and news magazine on which she can appear.

Meanwhile, the president's official news flack, (Fox News), parades one of Saddam's former Air Force Generals with a story of having seen Osama bin Laden in Bahgdad to meet with Saddam. Whom are we to believe? Our own government, or a general who used to work for one of the “bad guys”?

The President has for nearly every day over the last five years told us that the terrorists hate us because of our freedoms. But, in the process we have watched as that freedom has been eroded “for the greater good”.

The President has for years denied that so called “secret prisons ”existed. Last week he admits to having prisoners moved from those no longer secret prisons so they can be tried.

The President has consistently denied that prisoners in those “nonexistent prisons” have been tortured. This week, he is asking the senate to release our CIA operatives from “legislative purgatory” so they can do “effective interrogations”. This legislation could or would allow methods of interrogation including hypothermia, stress positions, (think of positions our prisoners-of-war in Vietnam have described), and waterboarding, or “simulated drowning”, (tell that to the person with water in their lungs).

The kicker to this piece of legislation--it would be retroactive to 2001, thus shielding CIA personnel from liability from an existing 1996 law intended to uphold the Geneva Convention. But remember, there has been no torture.

Who are we to believe??

At home, we have been told that our e-mails, phone calls and personal mail might be intercepted without benefit of warrants, thereby bypassing our Constitution.

We have heard that anyone accused of terroristic acts could well be tried in “secret courts” out of the purview of family, friends, press and other branches of government. If not breaking the spirit of our Constitution, it is at least painfully twisting its limbs.

The latest trick up the administration's dark black sleeve...monitoring the media. The U.S. Command in Baghdad is seeking bidders for a two-year, $20 million public relations contract that calls for monitoring among other things, the tone of news stories coming out of Iraq.

The contractor will be evaluated on how they provide analytical reports and customized briefings including tone, (positive, negative, neutral).

I've got a suggestion, just hire Fox News and there won't be a problem. It'll Pollyanna all year long.

I am still not convinced that the invasion of Iraq was necessary, but in the process we have attracted Al-Quida insurgents to the area; this is the enemy, so we must meet them head-on. (Perhaps this was the real plan all along.)

However, another effect in the “cause of war” has been that we have either brought the nation of Iraq to the brink-of, or into, a civil war.

According to one report, there were 1,500 bodies brought to the morgue in Baghdad last month, Frightfully, that's down from July. These were not insurgents killed by U.S. Troops or civilians killed by car bombs and IEDs, these were bodies dumped throughout the city. (There were at last count 60 found yesterday). These are Sunnis and Shiites killing each other. These are religious factions within one nation murdering one another.

The President, when he called for the invasion of Iraq called for us to bring peace and democracy to a nation ravaged by a dictatorship. Democracy, at the end of a gun barrel must come through desire, i.e. the American Revolution. It can't be delivered carte-blanc. We've done little to stifle partisan murder on the streets of Iraq. We won't know perhaps for decades if President Bush's grand dream will come to fruition. We really have no control; we can only hope.

The word for the week is heinous

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