Halcomb sees bright spots in defeat

The Boise City Wildcats traveled to Buffalo Friday night to face the number five team in the state. They came away with a 46-0 trouncing, but Head Coach Nathan Halcomb saw some good things Friday night.

The ‘Cats held Buffalo scoreless until the last minute of the first quarter when a punt was returned for six.

The team, out platooned and outsized, never recovered.

The ‘Cats cut their turnovers to three, two of which Buffalo caused.

“All and all we didn't play bad. Our kids never quit. They hung in there,” Halcomb said proudly.

“That [the first quarter TD] was the turning point of the game. We got kicked in the stomach and we never got our breath back,” Halcomb said.

“They were bigger and stronger than us. Their front line controlled the game,” he added.

In the second quarter Halcomb replaced QB Jonathan Moore with Trey Sparkman, and with that substitution, Halcomb thinks he's found his team leader.

“I put Trey in and he threw some good passes for us...he's gonna be our starting quarterback. This'll be a good thing, it'll give us more depth at receiver, we'll use Jon, ( Moore ), as a receiver,” Halcomb said.

Halcomb said defensive end Joe Reyes was a standout on defense.

Asked what the Wildcats would have to do this Friday against seventh-ranked Sharon Mutual, Halcomb said, “We'll have to play our A game, and not turn the ball over.

“They are a big team, size-wise they're bigger than us; but with numbers, (depth), they're about even.”

“We need momentum. The kids all have a good attitude, we had a good practice,” Halcomb said.

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