Milk (especially raw), the cure-all of diseases, is a topic this gal has avoided because I don't like the taste. I stumbled upon some studies of milk and milk products that I feel we need to review. Understand, the studies do not mention pasteurized milk, but raw milk.

Many times they referred milk to being “white blood” which helped take care of many problems such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, calcium depletion, early aging, cancer, obesity, etc. Peoples in a variety of locations around the world that have a diet high in milk, milk products, fruits, and vegetables with some meat have been found to be relatively disease free, “vigorous”, and showing no signs of early aging.

Again, make note that raw milk is better for us than the enriched pasteurized kind. Drink your quart a day and get back to basics. Read more about milk at .

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