Our mouths are the vessels of many things. From the pouring out of hearts to the ingesting of poisons. We have been deluded into believing that fluorides prevent cavities in our teeth, so our cities and towns add fluoride to the water supply. Guess what, fluoride increases cavities in our teeth, bone deterioration, and thyroid problems.

Fluoride is found in many processed foods, toothpaste, water supplies, and the air we breath (air pollution). It is hard to stay away from it. The best we can do is read food labels, filter our water supply, and don't buy fluoride toothpastes. We have found fluoride free toothpaste in Eat Rite and Drug Emporium.

Side note: mama was right, cavities are caused by eating too much processed sugar. Let's be informed and get back to basics. My source of information came from www.westonaprice.org under the heading “environmental toxins“.

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