Bulldog grad takes reins...again

After years of traveling and teaching in Western Oklahoma, and the Texas panhandle, Felt graduate John Montgomery has returned to his roots and a position as Felt's Superintendent of Schools.

Montgomery has spent the last four years teaching mathematics at Trinty Fellowship, in Amarillo. However, the 1967 Felt grad has taught for 28 years in Oklahoma schools such as Felt, (Principal) Keyes (Supt.), Tyrone, Hooker, Laverne and Shattuck.

Montgomery is a graduate of OPSU, with graduate work done at Southwestern U., Ft. Hays St. and OSU.

“I just like this area,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery explained that his family moved from the Felt area after he had completed the fourth grade and returned the beginning of his Freshman year, “I was really glad to be back here. When I left Felt, I went from a school where one teacher taught three grades in one room, to Tulia, with one grade taking six rooms and teachers,” he remembered.

“I'm impressed with the school [Felt 2004]. They've done a lot to keep the school up in terms of the physical plant.”

“It would of course be nice to have more kids. When I taught school at Boise City in 1972, we had 600 kids and Keyes had a bunch; now, we don't have 600 kids in the whole county.

“I want these kids to leave here with a quality education. I want them to stand tall, and to have the confidence to go out into the world and be what ever they want to be...doctors, lawyers, bulldozer drivers. I want them prepared for the world.”

We've got good teachers here, and that's important in having a good school; they are very dedicated,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery's wife, Ellen, will teach math at Boise City, their son Jason will be a Felt freshman.

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