Wedding spawns a European trip

Louise Smith, of Boise City, had an opportunity this August to make a trip she'd never dreamed she would ever get to take.

Smith, along with her daughter and granddaughter, Marcy and Tesica Twyman, went to Germany and France.

About ten years ago Marcy had sponsored a foreign exchange student from Germany. About three weeks ago, Smith and the Twymans boarded a direct flight from Dallas, Texas, to Frankfurt, Germany for the wedding of Cordula Huesmane near Bonn.

Smith said one noticeable thing was the security at the airports.

“I had to remove my shoes; anyone not wearing sandals had to remove their shoes,” Smith remembered.

“We didn't get pulled out for extra search, but my daughter did when we arrived back in customs at Chicago.”

The trio flew in a Boeing 777, a wide-body aircraft with nine seats across.

“This was my first trip out of the U.S. except when I'd been to Canada,” Smith smiled.

Upon landing in Germany she was struck by huge chunks of undeveloped real estate in Frankfurt.

“They still have vacant lots from the buildings destroyed during WWII,” Smith said.

Smith also said that East and West Berlin seemed to have balanced out since the wall had come down.

“The only real difference I could see was that in the East side the traffic lights were different,” she said.

Smith remarked that in spite of the war on terror she always felt safe, and that items, (purchased with Euros), were usually cheaper than in the U.S., except for gasoline at $1.28 a liter, ($5.12 a U.S. Gallon).

They were driven on the Autobhan in a new Audi at 160 KPH, (100 MPH) and were passed by a car traveling at 200 KPH or more.

“It's three lanes wide, and they drive very fast. They have a few accidents I guess,” Smith smiled.

The women took a train to Paris, and saw the sights including the Louve, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arch de Triumph and the Eiffle Tower.

“As we were leaving the Eiffle tower, they turned on its lights. It was impressive,” Smith said.

The one oddity that stuck with her about France and Germany--”We saw no flying insects; even at the outdoor restaurants, ”Smith said.

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