Slinging a smooth stone

Politicians are alike worldwide and they all talk the same stuff

copyrighted by C.F. David

Editor, The Boise City News

If ever you believed that politics is just an American invention, fear not.
No matter where you might live politics are basically the same, and
politicians are spewing the same...stuff.

A recent on-line story reveals that Manfred Juraczka, a Austrian lawmaker
from Vienna wants to use DNA technology to catch pet owners who don't clean
up after their dogs.

Yep, Juraczka wants all of Vienna's 50 thousand registered dogs to be tested
and their DNA profile taken. (I assume all unregistered dogs are supposed to
"Do the right thing" and drop by the Veterinarian for a blood sample.)

In any case some hapless cop then gets the unenviable task of collecting and
testing the evidence from every street corner, parking lot and park in
Vienna so that the dogs' lazy owners can be prosecuted for "failure to

The dog owner, would, if caught by DNA evidence be liable for the cost of
the test, (that has to be pricey), plus a fine of 225 euros, ($284, US) for
allowing their dog to do what's natural.

A Viennese dog owner pays about .15 cents U.S. a day for the privilege of
owning a dog; but it costs an estimated $3.80 to $6.30 U.S. just to clean up
each pile of doggy doo.

There is, according to the article, laws already on the books designed to
punish the lawbreakers...but, Bowser has to be caught in the act.

Apparently Juraczka, (a member of the opposition People's Party), thinks
police officers and their Techie counterparts have no crime to fight and
nothing better to do than follow dogs and harass their owners. I'll bet he's
been walking around for months with a frown on his face and dragging one
foot on the sidewalk.

It seems to me the good councilor needs to get his nose out of the air and
watch where he's walking.

The word for the week is scent.

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