September 9 is CDP or LAP signup deadline

Producers have until September 9 th to sign up for the Crop Disaster Program (CDP) or Livestock Assistance Program (LAP) for crop and grazing losses in Cimarron County.

CDP is for producers who suffered crop losses due to adverse weather conditions in either the 2003 or 2004 crop years. Producers must choose one of the years, either 2003 or 2004, in which to receive benefits for their crop losses. When applying for CDP the FSA office will need to know your crop production for the loss suffered in the eligible years. If your crops were insured through Federal Crop Insurance, the FSA office will have your crop production from for the disaster year downloaded to our office.

LAP sign up also ends September 9 th . LAP provides relief to livestock producers who suffered grazing losses in 2003 due to drought, severe weather and related causes. Producers of dairy and beef cattle; bison and beefalo; goats; swine; sheep; and certain equine, elk and reindeer are eligible to participate in LAP. When applying for LAP the FSA office will need to know the number, kind, and weight range of livestock, producers share of the livestock, acres grazed, location of land, type of grass or forage grazed, and information about significant changes in livestock number including dates when the changes occurred. Also needed are the livestock numbers that were sold because of disaster conditions including dates when the livestock were sold. These livestock are considered as mitigated livestock and may be eligible for the 2003 LAP.

If you have not yet signed up in either program, contact the FSA office at 580-544-2401 to make an appointment to see if you are eligible for CDP or LAP benefits






FSA now has new EZ LDP forms

Cimarron County farmers and landowners will be glad to know that the Farm Service Agency (FSA) now has a form you can sign to indicate your intentions for a Loan Deficiency Payment (LDP) before you lose beneficial interest in your crop.

Each crop year some producers fail to submit an LDP request for program benefits before they lose beneficial interest. Since the beneficial interest requirement is statutory, relief could not be granted to those who did not file their LDP request timely.

The new form, CCC-633EZ, can be filed by producers and landowners (whoever has a share in the crop) before loss of beneficial interest. For producers who operate as more than one entity, such as an individual and as a corporation, a separate CCC-633EZ (page 1) should be filed for each entity. It is recommended that it be completed prior to harvest, since delivery of the crop at harvest is usually the earliest date that beneficial interest can be lost.

One form would cover all crops that a farmer or landowner has an interest in for the 2005 crop, no matter what county, state, or farm where the crop is grown. Signing of the form does not take away any option that is presently available to request a commodity loan or LDP.

If the CCC-633EZ (page 1) has been signed and filed, a farmer/landowner would be eligible to receive an LDP based on the date beneficial interest was lost (if there is an LDP rate in effect), but the CCC-633EZ would have to be on file before beneficial interest was lost and before May 31, 2006 for the 2005 crop cotton, corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, or sunflowers.

This would assist farmers/landowners who deliver a commodity to a buyer before May 31, 2006 and there is additional quantity that had not been previously entered in loan or LDP.

All farmers and landowners are encouraged to stop by or call the Cimarron County FSA office at 544-2401 and get your CCC-633EZ form signed and on file.

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