Back to Basics

by Cindy Warren

In an article titled, “Aspartame-Diet-sastrous Results”, I found some interesting facts about aspartame. Aspartame is a non-calorie substitute for sugar used in diet drinks and foods, Aspartame goes under many names; Equal, NutraSweet, Spoonful.

If you are a drinker of diet drinks and suffer from headaches, memory loss, weight gain, and vision problems, chances are it is the aspartame. Weight gain??? Yes, without going into the medical terminology, aspartame causes chemical unbalance especially in the brain. There is a center in the brain that tells us when we are hungry or not. Aspartame “muddies” that center and causes us to think we are hungry when we are not.

I have told many that sugar substitutes are not good for you without understanding myself why. This article gives good scientific reasons. You can find it at . Let's be good to ourselves and get back to basics.

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