Hello all,

Sorry I missed last week. My dad went to Falls Creek so my mom and I stayed home and had a movie week. It was so much fun. I really loved Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and Yours, Mine, And Ours. Basically it was a chick flick week. We watched two movies every night. It was the life.

My dad came home from camp Saturday . This was his first year to go with the First Baptist Church here. Mom didn't go this year but he and my mom went with our Muskogee church three times. I got to go twice when I was five and six years old. Next year will be my first year I get to go with our Boise City Church . I can't wait till next year gets here because they all had such a wonderful week.

This week is going to be great because my cousin Tyler and my Uncle Terry are here staying with my Granny. While they are here we will be going to Vacation Bible School or VBS at the First Baptist Church . VBS starts Tuesday evening, Aug. 1 at six o'clock . I am not quite sure when VBS ends each day but I hope you will join us because I know it is going to be great fun.

See you next week.

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