One of the most controversial animals in Cimarron County is the pronghorn antelope. Many people, including myself, have had trouble with this animal.

One totaled out my vehicle in June.

The pronghorn( Antilocapra americana ) is neither a goat or an antelope. It is the sole surviving member of an ancient family dating back twenty million years.

The pronghorn is the only animal with branched horns and sheds these horns like antlers. It is also the fastest animal in the western hemisphere. It can bound twenty feet and can run up to 60 miles per hour. It can run at a very fast pace for hours.

These animals range from Saskatchewan , Canada to Mexico and all the deserts of the southwest. Their habitat consists of grasslands, bunchgrass, brushlands, and sagebrush areas of the open plains and deserts.

Males gather harems of three or four females in late summer or early fall. Their horns are shed a month after breeding. Birth is usually to twins in early June after a gestation period of 250 days. For protection, the young are odorless and lay motionless in tall grass. Predators of the young include bobcat, coyote, and eagles. A few days after birth, the young can run at speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

The pronghorn is the lone survivor of an ancient family. Explore your world. You will find something fascinating!

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