Though I am not anti technology, it seems of late, that perhaps the world is becoming entirely too “Tech-friendly”.

I was recently reading about several technological advances that while on the face-of-it are handy, they are also a little scary.

First I read of a new grocery cart that will follow you through the aisles of the grocery (or Wal-Mart), all the while stopping and pausing so you can peruse and purchase.

I can't see my wife Linda liking this too much...she rarely lets me push the cart, much less let it drive itself.

However, the newest thing that really scared me was the washing machine that can call you on your cell phone or computer.

This bright idea is brought to you by the triad of Whirlpool, Panasonic and Microsoft. Yep, Bill Gates not only has his hand in your pocket, and a window into your home. Now he can also get a look at your threadbare underwear.

The machines, still in the trial stage, not only can tell you when the cycle is complete, but also call and tell you if the load is too large or the lint filter is full.

The owner??, (who owns who here?), can also call the machine, tell it to start or to fluff dry, or to start a new cycle as you drive down the road.

The Associated Press article also explained that this is but another step in the evolution in household appliances.

The latest micro-wave ovens can weigh the amount of popcorn and cook it accordingly.

The newest dishwashers and even vacuums don't run on timers, but are activated by “dirt-sniffing technology”. Oh wow, that totally changes things with Bill Gates and your dirty underwear...eewww!

The new vacuums can sense how much soil and grime is left on the floor and sucks accordingly. That's what every housewife wants, a rat-fink appliance sitting in the corner.

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