Taking vitamin/mineral supplements have generally been a recommendation of health practioners. The controversy now is quality of supplements. We have a choice of synthetic or natural supplements.

Synthetic supplements are cheaper, made from chemicals that have nothing to do with health, and makes pretty water come from our bodies. Natural supplements should be made from food sources, are higher priced, and actually give us needed vitamins/minerals. Knowing what supplements are the best takes some homework. Read labels and look for ingredients that list actual foods, like broccoli, carrots, spinach etc. Beware of fillers and additives because they slow absorption into your system such as lactose, sodium benzoate, BHA, BHT, hydrogenated oils, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and ascorbic palmitate.

I am sure there are other companies out there, but so far I have found Thorne and Garden of Life to make good vitamin/mineral supplements with fewer additives. Read your labels and get back to basics. Sources come from www.mercola.com and www.nutrition-n- wellness.com .

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