Shop owner's dreams blossom

Though Jaynette Durham's creative side has long wanted to own a flower shop, she has no ready answer as to why she named it The Wild Side .

“I don't have an answer...but, I think people remember it,” Durham smiled.

The former Wal-Mart manager grew up in Broken Arrow and when she moved back to the Tulsa area ten years ago, she had no plans to return to Cimarron County.

“I moved away ten years ago looking for something; and I didn't think it was here,” Durham admits.

“But, my kids are happier here,” she added.

Durham worked in the store for a year before making the decision to purchase the business.

Linda and Brenda are a tough act to follow. Brenda taught me a lot, they've built up a good business here over the last seven years” Durham said of the mother-daughter team that taught her the ropes.

As an artist, Durham considers the arranging of flowers as just another art form; one in which she interprets the flowers.

It's [flower arranging] really easier that using a canvas and paintbrush.”

“I'm just blessed to be able to create and I think I am getting better. It's really about placement, since no two flowers are alike, and that's the fun part.

“Also, you have so many customer will come in looking for something for a newborn; then comes a call for a funeral and next a wedding. You have wedding, baby, death. I love you, I'm sorry, thank you...goodbye. It's really the circle of life,” she shrugged with a smile.

Asked how she, as a former manger would combat the small business nemesis Wal-Mart, Durham answered quickly, “You can't. You have to learn to coexist. You have to do what they can't and be creative.”

“I know sometimes I'll take it on the chin [trying to compete with Wal-Mart] but I'd rather sell things more cheaply and sell more of them. I want people to think of coming to me first, rather than wait until they are going to Guymon,” she said.

“I run a gifting service. If you'll give me your wife's birthday, anniversary date, any other date that's important to her, I'll keep you out of trouble,” she grinned. “I'll take care of secret pals too. Sometimes you don't have the words, so you send flowers instead.”

The Durham's children, Kody, 11 and Kally, seven, work in the business doing odd jobs such as taking out the trash.

“Kody would rather be out on the farm with his dad. But Kally, even at seven, she can nearly identify every flower,” Durham said proudly.

Durham's husband Chad spoke up, “It's good for me because I get to sit back and watch her dreams come true. It's an experience I'm grateful for.”

Durham smiled at her husband and told him thanks.

The couple met just over 12 years ago at college in Clarendon, Texas; Jaynette, a rodeo contestant had followed a boyfriend to Texas only to later meet and marry Chad, whom she calls “...her best friend in the world.”

“I think Chad's relieved he doesn't have to send me flowers any more,” she teased.

“It's one less thing I have to do,” Chad admitted with relief.

Durham looked around the store,” This is something I love. I didn't do it to make a million. If I can keep the kids out of the candy cabinet so I can pay the bills, I'll be happy.”

“I come down here take my shoes off and go barefoot. If you come in, you'll catch me without shoes,” she admitted.


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