Soft Ball Standouts

Chandler Daffern


Nickname- Chan-Chan


Food- Divinity

Music- Rock

Team- OU Sooners

Hangout- Anywhere and everywhere

Book- Travel Far and Pay no Fare

Movie- All the chick flicks.

T.V.- The Gilmore Girls and That 70s Show

Activity- Running hurdles

Word that discribs you- Hard Working

Goals- Attend OU, and become a Peditrition

What few people know- I live on sweet tea and Oreos

Hobbies- Water-skiing, softball, hurdles, sewing and riding motorcycles

Hero- My dad, he's accomplished so much, and taught me everything I know. I love the way he pushes me to succeed in every little thing. He is a great teacher, person, coach, friend, and most of all my hero.


Stephanie Tooley


Nickname- Turbo


Food- Taco Bell

Music- Rap

Movie- Final Destination- 1, 2 and 3

T.V.- Friends

Activity- Basketball

Word that discribes you- Funny

Hobbies- Dance and basketball

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