Sometimes in this life we have to cut our losses and take another road. Mind you, I said “take another road”, which is not the same as giving up or quitting. A couple of weeks ago I had to make a major decision in my life - and I quake at such times. Wonder if the decision I make is the wrong one? Wonder if I'm making the decision for the wrong reasons? Will I regret what I have done in a month or so? Questions, questions, questions, and no ready or sure answers to be found. So I did what I always do - I followed my heart. I took a deep breath and leapt. Or rather, I packed. My shop “Shelley's Heart Song” is no longer. I had lost the song in my heart there for awhile, and although I don't have it totally back, I am beginning to hum - and that's a good sign. I moved the stained glass and paints to my basement and it is there that I will hopefully find a new song, as I foil glass or place a brush in a fresh puddle of bright colored paint. And all will be okay, because I know I will once again find myself in that place I have spoken of before - that elusive moment when all is right in the world. And I will suddenly realize that a brand new song has found its way upon my lips and into my heart.


I have returned to selling items on eBay, that mega-auction in cyberspace, and I continue to be amazed by how it works. I have sold items to people all across the country, and a couple of times to a guy just across town. And I'm just a tiny tadpole in the ocean of sellers! A friend of mine in Arizona is considered a “power seller” which means he has sold several thousands of items. It takes a little time, a little imagination, a digital camera and of course, an item that someone somewhere wants to buy. I haven't always found that “object of desire” that more than one person wants, but several times I have been happily surprised when in the final minute of the auction the bidding suddenly doubled or tripled the original price. That's when I say “Yea!”


I do believe it is time to count some blessings! First on the list is the moisture and weather we have had this summer. While the rest of Oklahoma and so many other places across the nation have been stuck in a zone of high temperatures and high humidity, we have found ourselves saying “Ah” to the cool nights and hot (but not horribly hot) days of summer. And whereas we have been accustomed to cloudless and dry skies this time of year, we find ourselves surrounded by humongous thunderheads and so many bright-white clouds almost every day. Add to this wonder the rain showers that slide across our land much more often than usual, and I'd say this is a definite blessing.

Another blessing lies in the people who populate our county. Last Saturday my family had a garage sale on my driveway (another oxymoron) and although it was a lot of work getting ready for it, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with all the “treasure hunters” who came and went for about four hours. It is like that wherever you go in town - whether the grocery store, the pharmacy, the post office, or just passing on the street. A smile, a wave, a chat, a hug - without realizing it, we are blessing one another with each encounter, and that is always good for the soul.

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