Pt 1 “No Shortcuts To Heaven”

The Bible teaches that it cost something to enter into God's salvation and grace.

First, we need to recognize the high price that was paid for us by the Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary . In (Romans 6:23 , NIV) scripture reads, “ The wages of sin is death” That is a very high price to pay for sin-physical death, spiritual death, eternal death, and forever separation from God.

Scripture also reads that we reap what we sow in life. Many are receiving just that; reaping what they have sown. You may be religious; you may go to church on a regular basis. But deep down there may be a present feeling that you are unsure of your walk, your journey. There are two people that know the true state of your walk; they are you, and Jesus.

Being forgiven from your sin requires change. And change cannot happen without challenges in life. Departing and not returning to a repeated sin is mandated by God for his forgiveness through his son Jesus Christ. There are no shortcuts . We cannot live on both sides of the fence and expect forgiveness and salvation. We must be fully committed to wanting change and salvation.

May we never come into God's presence lightly, with superficial words or a distracted heart…. May we approach the throne with true humility. May we be ever mindful of the grace we never earned, being thankful for the mercy we don't deserve. May we stand in awe of the debt of love we can never fully repay.

Next week, Pt 2 (final) NO SHORTCUTS TO HEAVEN!

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