I found some interesting reading on using vitamin D to combat infections. Vitamin D can increase our body's production of antimicrobial peptides, which destroy viruses. In the 1930's, ‘40s, and ‘50s a procedure called blood irradiation was used to treat many infections.

Blood what ! Blood irradiation is the process of removing about 300cc of a patient's blood, expose the blood to ultraviolet light, and then replacing into the patient's system. Studies showed it to be highly effective in treating infections. But because drugs weren't being used, the AMA fought the process.

Safe sunshine exposure works just like a drug to treat poor bone density, prevent heart disease, and increase our body's natural supply of antibiotics. Keeping healthy vitamin D levels boost our immune systems. So get some healthy sun rays and get back to basics. Sources come from www.mercola.com/2006/aug/1 and “The Vitamin D Newsletter” June/July 2006.

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