Citizen, police chief attacked, bitten by dog

Pit bull destroyed by gunfire after two attacked

by C.F. David

A lucky intervention by Police chief Dale Harper perhaps prevented more serious injuries from a pit bull which attacked Carol Jester, of Boise City.

Jester, the Boise City School System's crossing guard, was walking on North Texas Ave. on Sunday afternoon when the dog charged and attacked seemingly without provocation.

Jester, when she was sure the dog was going to attack, covered her throat with one arm and was bitten once on the elbow.

“I saw it coming for me, and I put my arm up like this,” Jester demonstrated.

“That one, [The elbow wound.], doesn't hurt too much,” Jester admitted, “But this one really hurts,” Jester said as she raised her blouse to show a punctured fist-sized bruise on her abdomen just above the beltline.

Jester, who walks everywhere she goes, was asked if the dog had given her trouble before.

“I'd never seen that dog before yesterday,” she replied. “It happened right in front of Dale Harper's house, thank God he was home,” Jester added.

Harper, who was on duty Sunday, was home for a break before going out again that evening and was relaxed watching TV. Harper noticed Jester outside apparently in a struggle and stood to see what the problem was and saw the dog biting her arm.

Harper reported that he then went to the street, yelled at the dog and struck it with rocks, driving it south down Texas Ave.

He then moved Jester into his home before walking down the street looking for the animal's owners. Reaching the next corner, Harper himself was charged by the dog and suffered two separate wounds to the right leg, one near the calf, and another higher on the thigh.

Harper said an intervention by a motorcycle rider distracted the dog long enough that he could return to his home and retrieve a shotgun. On approach to the same corner, the dog charged again and at that point Harper shot the animal twice.

According to Harper, the dog was not current in it's shots. The animal's head was removed and sent to Oklahoma City to be tested for Rabies.

“I'm seriously considering taking the shots. I'm gonna talk some more to the vet and to the doc, but I'm really thinking about it,” Harper added.

“It was a scary deal,” Harper said. “This problem of dogs running loose has gotten serious,” he continued.

Harper ticked off on his fingers at least three separate incidents in recent weeks when individuals or couples had been charged by dogs, (twice by pit bulls), with at least one injury.

“We are going to step up the enforcement. I don't see any recourse. From now on anyone whose dog we find running loose is going to get a ticket. It's a state law and a city ordinance that all these dogs have their shots. I've got a pen full of dogs down there at the pound and I don't think any of them have had their shots,” Harper said.

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