Detailing the Issues

by Robert Shank

I heard last week that crude oil had reached $44 a barrel so we can expect gas prices to start climbing again. When will this game come to an end, or when will America wake up and smell the gas fumes?

America has for far too long been dependent on foreign oil. It's time to quit listening to the tree huggers and begin punching holes in our own soil. I've been told we know of enough oil in Oklahoma and Texas alone to sustain this country for at least a century. The environmentalists want us to believe the mating habits of the caribou in Alaska is far more important than cutting off the oil filled umbilical cord that sustains a bunch of fat-cat freedom-hating Camel Jockeys.

These countries that we buy our oil from, teach in their schools how to hate and kill Americans and other Judeo/Christian cultures. When have any of these countries ever given even a thought to helping America in our times of need? But the tree huggers tell us that big pickups and suv's are funding the terrorists; well we wouldn't be sending any oil money to these killers if we would drill our own oil. I've heard that Saudi Arabia wants to someday be shipping us finished product [gasoline and Diesel] and shut down our few remaining refineries. Due to over burdensome government regulations and environmentalist lobbies our refineries are at full production and unable to keep up with demand. Just what Saudi Arabia wants.

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