Seven come eleven, Miller out, Patsy Shields in, at CMH helm

Paul Miller, Cimarron Memorial Hospital's Chief Financial Officer/ Interim Chief Executive Officer, resigned both positions on Friday afternoon, effective immediately. Miller had been carrying the work load of both positions since the CMH hospital board released Rod Burrus in mid June this year.

Patsy Shields, a contractor working for CMH will be, according to Board Chairman Frank Lynch, the interim CEO until a permanent replacement can be hired. Shields will be the seventh CEO, or interim CEO at Cimarron Memorial since July, 2002.

Miller came to Cimarron Memorial as CFO in mid-November, 2004, bringing about three decades of experience.

Board president Frank Lynch said on Monday that he was confident that Shields and financial contractor Kevin Conner could handle the jobs vacated by Miller.

Lynch said on Monday, that, “I think he [Miller] has brought us to a place we've never been. He's one of the most brilliant people I've ever met. I'm very sad he's gone.

In a call to the Boise City News on Sunday, Miller said he had been asked for his resignation and had tendered it immediately. To an inquiry from The Boise City News as to why he had been asked to resign Miller indicated he had promised not to respond to that question and declined to answer. Asked how Cimarron Memorial Hospital could survive, Miller said, “You have to stop the revolving door on the top two or three jobs.”

Asked on Monday if the board had asked for Miller's resignation, Lynch responded, “Not officially.”

Lynch had no comment when asked what constituted an unofficial request of resignation.

Lynch did say that an individual would fly from Alaska for an interview for the Chief Executive Officer's job on August 8.

The board, and some CMH employees have already interviewed former board president Dan Ghoulson for the CEO's position, and the board had in a June meeting, voted to hire him. However, the second to that vote was rescinded in a later meeting and in the July 28 board meeting the entire motion to hire Ghoulson was rescinded.

“I think Dan could do the job,” Lynch said.

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