OSBI investigates suspicious death

by C.F. David

The death of Felicia Villalobos, 21, of Clayton, N.M. is being investigated by the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation as a “suspicious death,” according to OSBI Public Information officer Jessica Brown.

Brown said Villalobos died as the result of injuries sustained when she either fell from or exited a pickup.

“She was in the pickup with her husband and traveling back to their home in New Mexico after visiting family,” Brown said.

“She then fell from the cab of the truck. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital [in Elkhart, Kan.] where she was pronounced dead,” Brown explained. The incident was initially investigated by Cimarron County Sheriff's Officers, and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Brown said the OSBI asked for and received an autopsy on Villalobos body. “There was nothing unusual found,” Brown said.

“The results of our investigation will be turned over to the D.A.'s office and they will make a determination,” Brown said.

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