Hospital board meets, chooses vice-chair

by C.F. David

The governing board of the Cimarron Memorial Hospital and Nursing home met Thursday, June 29.

Frank Lynch, former board chairman was nominated and voted in as vice-chairman.

The board heard that a new gutter being installed on the nursing home would soon extend around the entire complex. The initial gutter work was needed to protect the structure and arrest any damage. The immediacy was because of results of the state nursing home survey.

“Are they [contractors] bonded? Do they carry liability insurance? “Board Treasurer Dwilene Holbert asked.

Hospital CEO Patsy Shields responded that she'd check to be sure.

“Yeah, see if he's bonded and carries liability insurance before he comes onto the property,” Holbert said.

“It's [the gutter] going to help in the winter with the ice,” Shields said.

“Probably in the long run, this'll save us money,” said Board Chairman Ralph Warren.

Shields moved on to the recent need and lease purchase of a new telephone system. The lease plan through PTCI will cover five years.

“As you know, the phone system quit. We had to talk back and forth [within the hospital] on walkie-talkies,” Shields said.

Shields added that she wanted to apologize to the community for any difficulty in contacting the hospital, but added that now with the new system contact, either directly or through voice-mail was much better.

Shields told the board that “Docs Who Care” would cover for Doctors Wheeler and Matthews over the Fourth of July weekend and later in the summer as they needed time off.

“How much do they charge us,” Holbert asked.

“About five thousand a day,” Shields answered.

Shields told the board that the hospital's gross revenue was about three to five thousand dollars from where she'd like it to be.


She told the board that the loan to the First State Bank of Clayton has been paid ahead until September.

After consultation with the bankers some of the money was rolled from the loan payment to the hospital's payroll account.

The board then discussed having the employees contribute to their health insurance, at about $30 per month.

“It's going to make it easier for us to make the insurance payment,” Shields said.

“If we can revert back [to paying the entire premium] when things get better. Not if, but when,” Warren said.

“What kind of effect is this going to have on their budgets?” asked board member Don Stark.

“It's going to be a night out at Pizza Hut, or a couple of trips to Dairy Queen,” Shields said.

“I don't think $30 a month is unreasonable,” Lynch added.

The board made a motion and voted for an extension on the sales tax. The issue will go before the voters in November.

In comments from the public, former Nursing Home Director Nancy Roberts asked about reports of the establishment of a day care facility.

Shields answered that a grant from area development won't be in until 2007 so the potential start-up will be delayed.

Challenged by Roberts as to the necessity of a day care, Shields explained that as one of the county's largest employers she felt the hospital would fill a need.

Warren added that it was his understanding that the project wouldn't be done until and if there was grant money.

Shields admitted that she didn't have all the details of the operation sorted out yet, but that the grant money should be enough for a start up.

Roberts asked if the facility, should it be created would run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Shields answered that not at least initially, but that since the hospital did run 24-7 they would try to accommodate.

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