by C.F. David

I mistakenly left early from the Cimarron Memorial Hospital Board meeting last Thursday.

In doing so, I missed the challenge from citizen, and former Nursing Home Director, Nancy Roberts to a proposed Day Care Center.

I've been hearing about and have written about the day care center for several months.

The day care, as explained to me by Patsy Shields, would be started with grant money, and be open to parents throughout the community and county.

On the face of it, I think it's an idea with merit. The hospital has several single mothers. Day care can be a problem. I could see where having a surefire day care solution could be a hiring tool. We could hire better trained employees...and perhaps keep them. We could perhaps cut down on employee absence due to day-care problems.

But we need a well-managed facility and top-notch staff. The background of each potential staff member must be checked, and rechecked. There have been day-care horror stories...we don't want, and can't afford one.

We need a location; something Shields admits we don't have yet. Cimarron Memorial is already property poor, we don't need to purchase property. Shields says she agrees.

Roberts asked if the facility will run 24-7. Something to which I had given no thought. It's a fair and important question. If the day care is to ease child care problems, what are the limits to its use and where do we get 24-hour staff in a county with low unemployment?

For the children we need a play area, restrooms, and kitchen facilities. That costs money; could the start-up devour the grant, leaving nothing for the day to day operation? We need to know.

The hospital and nursing home has family at their core. They are generational. We have grandma in the nursing home and mother and daughter, (or son) working in the facility. Each are probably taxpayers and deserve an opinion. Critisim is good, it opens lines of discussion.

Even so, we need to have some faith and let the staff do their jobs.

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