Cimarron Memorial is bustling with activities

by Nancy Roberts

July has been an active month at Cimarron Memorial Hospital, Clinic, and Nursing Home. The temperature changes have been interesting along with the other activities occurring at 100 South Ellis. Everyone is keeping two sets of clothing ready: one a swimming suit and the other a pair of sweats!

A July 4 cookout was enjoyed by residents, their families, staff, and community citizens in the gazebo and courtyard. It was well attended, and all seemed to have a good time. It seems the chefs did a great job of cooking and burned very little.

Four nursing home residents have birthdays in July. The resident and their special day are as follows: Betty Parker, July 2; Raz Farris, July 7; Dale Palmer, July 20; and Ann Miller, July 31. We wish each of them a very happy day.

Tammie Avent was recently named office manager for the clinic. Tammie, who has been Dr. Yoganandan's office nurse for several years, has stepped right into the position with energy and enthusiasm. We congratulate Tammie in taking on these new responsibilities.

On July 22, Christmas in July was held with much participation throughout the community via gifts, monetary donations, time, and talents. The gazebo and its shade were very appreciated as it was a hot day. The lovely flowers and plants surrounding the gazebo were ablaze with color, and the tinkle of the fountain was refreshing. Frankie Armstrong and Sandy Witten are doing an outstanding job of planning and providing meaningful experiences for residents, patients, and staff alike.

Next on the agenda will be a pet parade as part of activities centered around pets. This will occur the last Saturday in August from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. in the courtyard and in the gazebo. Nursing home residents will judge the events. There will also be informative presentations from our local vet, Dr. Rusty Murdock, and from local animal expert Larry Taylor to those who are showing their pets off that day. Lunch will be served for a small price.

Not only do our plans include sprucing up the inside of the entire Cimarron Memorial facility with a fresh coat of paint, but we are reorganizing and restructuring our business processes, offices, and storage areas. -Patsy Shields is working closely with staff in the business office and in the clinic office to streamline the billing process and to correct errors on bills. Social services and activities staff are finally getting an office with a door and some privacy. Storage areas throughout the facility are being inventoried for usable equipment versus items that are no longer useful.

We at Cimarron Hospital, Clinic, and Nursing Home continue to be thankful for the community's support of and interest in our facility. There are many unsung heroes in this county and beyond, who go the extra mile to help in whatever way possible to make life in our facility smoother, more peaceful, and more nurturing for patients, residents, and staff. Paraphrasing evangelist Joyce Meyer: “We're not where we want to be yet, but we're not where we used to be.” The past is behind us and serves only to remind us of those areas where we need improvement today.


Our facility is growing stronger by the day. Our staff truly care about the patients, residents, and each other and strive to do an excellent job each day. We welcome constructive comments from the public and invite you to visit Cimarron Memorial Hospital, Clinic, and Nursing Home at 100 South Ellis in Boise City.

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