I started reading a book the other day, just during the time commercials were on TV, and I finished the book by nightfall.

Well, not really. But I'll bet I could. Two different times I have counted the number of commercials between what is loosely called “entertainment” parts of the show, and they are up to eight now. Before long, the commercials will take more time than the shows. But actually, I don't think we'll miss much.


Dave Barry said recently that a formal wedding involves as much planning as building a hydro-electric dam, but costs more.

And Groucho Marx said one time that he wouldn't belong to a club that would have somebody like him for a member.

I have no idea who said this, but it was probably an American: “The British royal family is so intermarried, if they had just one more chromosome they would all be idiots.”


Somewhere back East recently a family was suing to have the school yearbooks redone to use a new picture of the daughter. The student who hated her current picture in the yearbook was in the sixth grade.



Gregory Franzwa, a writer in Tucson, AZ, wrote recently:

“The next time you hear a congressman use the word ‘billion' casually, think about whether or not you want him spending your tax dollars. It's a difficult term to comprehend, but consider this:

A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in caves.

A billion dollars ago was eight hours and 20 minutes ago, at the rate Washington spends our money.”



Most people nowadays are in the computer world. Included are my children and grandchildren. I, however, am not.

Many times I have been inclined to go up to the museum, crank up that old Linotype machine and . . . out of my way, folks! I'm right where I ought to be—in the Linotype machine world!


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