Alas, but I have come to realize that not all my wishes come true! I am in the middle of a home improvement project - a dirty and very tedious task. I am taking up the old pre-war (possibly older) linoleum in my kitchen. In those days, it was considered wise to cover wood floors with first a heavy layer of glue, then a layer of tar paper, and finally sections of linoleum. And now I find myself almost seventy years hence trying to uncover that same wood! With a pry bar and hammer, the top two layers come up fairly easily. But the dried and aged glue - well, that is where a mere chisel and scads of patience seem to do the best job. And thus, as Shiloh and Sweet Pea sit next to me on the floor, wagging their tails and panting their encouragement, I realize my lack of power in the “wish” department. Those two canines just won't grow hands and feet, no matter how many times I wiggle my nose or cross my arms and blink!


I found out I am living with a kleptomaniac - a very hairy one, I might add. The first thing that disappeared was my hair brush. I thought that perhaps I had thrown it away or washed it with some clothes, but then I found it laying out in the backyard. Then I lost one of my flip-flops, only to find it a few days later under the divan cushion. Strange that there were bite marks embedded in the rubber. Next came the loss of socks, the latest issue of “Reader's Digest” and most peculiar, the filching of an entire sleeve of saltine crackers. The mystery of lost things was solved when the cracker thief was caught red-pawed. It was Sweet Pea - the “good” child! She didn't even try to hide the crackers, but she began living with them instead. For over three weeks now, Sweet Pea has carried that package of saltines everywhere. She takes it outside, she takes it to bed, she proudly carries it around the house and sits next to it at all times. Perhaps she thinks the crackers are the child she never had, or maybe she thinks it is a new-fangled chew toy? I don't know what this sloe-eyed canine is thinking, but I do know I won't be eating those crackers any time soon.


When I began my “quest for health” almost three months ago I wasn't sure where I would be going - I just knew I had to leave my unhealthy ways behind me. Well, I am now seventy one miles out on the virtual road. I decided I would head for Tucumcari, NM, which means I have quite a few more miles to walk before arriving at the “Heart of the Mother Road” and the place that proudly announces the fact it has 1200 motel rooms. I might have to step up my pace to arrive before Fall, though.

Coinciding with my quest, I found I couldn't watch television anymore. No sitcom, no drama, no news show could hold my attention. I covered the silence that ensued by listening to a lot of music, but even that had to be “easy listening”. So, imagine my shock and surprise when I recently made myself watch an entire hour of FOX news. I was overloaded with all the happenings in this big, messy, mean, scary and so, so human world. And the commercials really got to me - sorry, but when did flatulence become such a popular topic? And why did I feel my shoulders tensing up and a twinge of worry and fear suddenly hanging over my head as I listened to the dire forecast of war in the Middle East and rising gas prices?

So, what did I do? I turned off the TV, laced up my tennis shoes, grabbed the leash, and told Shiloh and Sweet Pea, “Let's go.” (As if they weren't already at the garage door, barking their anticipation.) Out to the country, walking along the rutted road of the Munson, watching the dogs run with abandon, I shed the tension and worry. I drank in the sound of silence. I let the dying rays of the sun bathe my spirit. And then I actually twirled around in a circle with my arms outstretched, because for just that moment I was simply thankful to be alive.

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