Dr. Gary Mathews' contract renewal hangs in balance

By C.F. David

According to Dr. Gary Mathews, his Cimarron Memorial Hospital contract, (Which expires on Aug. 17.), will not be renewed.

Mathews arrived in Cimarron Memorial in midsummer 2005, having been coaxed from semi-retirement.

When asked about the contract, Cimarron Memorial Hospital Administrator Patsy Shields said that Mathews contract “...had not been renewed at this time.”

When asked to expand on that statement, Shields said, “No other statement at this time.”

Asked if Shields had explained why the decision was made, Mathews said that he was told. “The hospital had financial problems.”

“The public needs to understand it isn't my decision to leave,” Mathews said.

“It appears the hospital board was informed and approved it”[the decision not to renew], Mathews added.

Asked if he would again semi-retire, Mathews responded, “I'm not giving up on this yet.”

Asked if that meant he was considering legal action, Mathews paused, then said, “Not at the moment.”

Asked if he had been required to meet standards as in a job review during his tenure at CMH, Mathews replied, “Not here.”

Asked if he'd had any complaints about his work before the contract refusal, Mathews said, “No word prior.”

Mathews, a Kerrick, Texas native, arrived at Cimarron Memorial to replace Dr. Pam Yoga who had left for a teaching position in West Texas .

Mathews graduated from Stratford , Texas ' High School in 1961 and is a University of Texas graduate. At age 36, he applied for and attended the University of Texas , San Antonio 's medical School.

Before arriving back in the High Plains, Mathews had an Austin, Texas clinic, before coming back to man the VA Clinic in Stratford.

If Mathews' possible dismissal becomes a reality, the hospital will be staffed only by Dr. J.L. Wheeler, and physicians from “Docs Who Care” until the anticipated arrival of Dr. Harold Nims from Flint , Mich. in early September. However, Dr. Nims arrival depends on his signing a contract and becoming licensed to practice in Oklahoma .

Boise City has one other physican, Dr. Roger Bombach, who at this time, has no hospital privileges.

Day care goes away

Shields did add that the hospital had been denied its grant application for a day-care center.

“The daycare center is not going to happen,”Shields said.

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