Dear Sir,

I just finished your article entitled “Slinging a Smooth Stone” from the July 5 edition and I have to say that I am glad that the Founding Fathers of this country had a better understanding of Scripture than you apparently do or we would still be British subjects (possibly German).

That said, to call our most extreme forms of questioning “torture” is to reveal one's ignorance of reality. I have seen torture, Sir, and what we do is not anywhere near the same league. Our country comes in and cleans-up after the people that torture. We fix the lives of countless people and we try to bring Justice wherever we go. Is there a rotten apple once in a while? Sure there is, but overall, criticizing the military for these things is like criticizing penicillin because it kills a few good bacteria while it is killing all of the plague bacteria in a body.

There might be some folks that have never served in desperate times that might disagree with me. That is certainly their right and one I will stand and die for to this day. However, armchair generals sitting back in their nice, comfortable offices might want to think about how the soldiers that are out there feel about articles like this. I know how I once felt. I have read several of them from you and finally feel the need to respond.

In that spirit I say this: It is better to build than to tear down. It is better to do nothing than to tear down. So, go fly a kite—at least that would not be destructive of morale.

Bill Witten

Leander, Texas

by e-mail


Dear Editor:

This letter is being submitted to provide comments about Cimarron Memorial Hospital starting a day care center.

First of all, I am not against a day care center coming to this community. Secondly, I believe that quality child care should be available for all children. Finally, it is my belief that Cimarron Memorial exists to provide quality care for those needing emergency medical care, inpatient medical care, and resident nursing home care, not to provide day care services for the community.

I went to the last meeting of the Cimarron County Health Services Authority to question the members about the rumors floating through the community regarding the establishment of a day care center under the auspices of Cimarron Memorial. Although the questions were posed to the members, it appeared that they were not all aware of the plans underway. Most appeared unaware that a person had reportedly been hired to be director of the day care center or that interviewing for day care center workers was reportedly occurring.

In the meeting, Patsy Shields responded that grants had been applied for to cover the first year's rent and operating costs for the day care center, but those grants were not expected until next January or February. She denied anyone had been hired to staff the day care center. I have since found it rather confusing to read in the coming events section of the last two issues of The Boise City News that Arlevia Bulls is providing two workshops, one last week and one this week, entitled “Quality Child Care” with the statement “sponsored by Cimarron Memorial Hospital.”

It has been apparent for years that money is tight at Cimarron Memorial. Updated equipment and necessary supplies are often lacking in the emergency room, for patient care, and for resident care. The citizens of the county have been very gracious in the past to vote to extend the 2 percent tax to support the facility. However, I believe that funding is to support the mission of Cimarron Memorial, not to cover start up and operating costs for a day care center.

I ask those of you in the community who have been discussing the topic of a day care center being established by Cimarron Memorial to attend the next meeting of the CCHSA, which meets generally the last Thursday of the month at 3 pm in the meeting room at the nursing home. If you cannot be at the meeting, contact one of the members of the CCHSA and let your views be known.

Nancy Roberts

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