Keyes hires new Superintendent

by C.F. David

The Keyes School District has hired a new Superintendent to guide their school through the 2006-07 school year.

Ricky McCullough, was born and reared in Ft. Towson in the state's Southeast corner.

He is a graduate of Southeastern State University in Durant.

He is married, his wife Debroah, will be his Dean of Students.

She is a trained Elementary teacher and will help with Special Education.

“We are short one teacher in Special Ed. but we'll be covered because we will have inclusion [for the students].

McCullough said the school as all rural schools will use educators from other sites using I.T.V. (televised classes).

“Thank goodness for I.T.V.,” he said.

The McCullough's have three daughters, Pamela, a graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma's School of Pharmacy, Ashley, a senior in college and Erica, who will be in her senior year at Keyes.

McCullough is in his sophomore year as a superintendent, having serving his first year at Balko, in Beaver County .

He is a Science major and spent most of his teaching career in and near Ft. Towson ; he began his stint in administration in Hugo , Oklahoma .

Explaining why he left the area, McCullough said, “ They [Superintendents] don't turn over that much down there. I applied at Balko and everything clicked.”

McCullough said he knows that finances is the biggest hurdle at any rural school.

“We must watch all our spending. We had a small carry-over from last year, but we need to watch the incidentals.

The raise recently granted by the special session gave every teacher a raise; however the districts will have to pick up the tab on the benefits.

He is frustrated by attempts to consolidate smaller schools and can't understand why its advocates can't see the advantages to a low teacher-student ratio.

“All the schools in the Panhandle excel in testing,” McCullough said.

There will be an attempt to start a new sport, softball. Coach Michael Glidden, formerly of Mustang, will guide the team.

McCullough had praise for the Keyes School District and its parents.

“Keyes has a pretty phenomenal tradition of following their kids to events. I know they'll continue; there is a lot of community involvement here.”

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