Boise City School's Board of Trustees select new Super.

Dan Falukner, reared and educated at Texhoma, has been selected by the Boise City School Board to replace the departing Mark Gillespie.

Faulkner, 56, is a graduate of Panhandle State University; and is a former band and music director. He received his master's Degree from Ft. Hays State, Kan. and administrative degrees from OSU and SWOSU.

“There are lots of good things that have been happening here,” Faulkner said. The test results look good and you have a good track team.”

“I'd like to work to improve the infrastructure. The board is discussing a possible bond issue tonight; that would be a big help.”

“I want to continue to attract and hire the best teachers so the students will have the best education.”

Faulkner is the father of three sons, aged 15, 11 and ten and says they are nervous about moving to a new school.

His wife is a music teacher and will drive back and forth to Elkhart to continue her career.

“I am really looking forward to working with the people here and their kids,” Faulkner said.

In other business:

H The board voted to begin the school day at 8:20 a.m. for FY2005.

H To proceed with a bond issue election of $430,000 for the purpose of renovating school district property and upgrading transportation vehicles.

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