Sacrifice, Service and Commitment

by Rod Burrus,

CEO, Cimarron Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home

What drives a person or group of people to go beyond their means, abilities and perceptions / reality? For instance, during the terroristic attacks that were carried out against this great nation on September 11, what drove those heroes that entered into the twin towers to go against logic, reason and good judgment to sacrifice of themselves? I submit to you that it was not for pursuit of financial gain nor the expectation of accolades but the sincere desire to help one's fellow man and to make this world a better place for their existence. While the gravity of the situation is not as acute as the events that will forever etch our minds with the date of 9/11, we do have some local unsung heroes. These are the men and women that work at Cimarron Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home. While the definition of a hero is defined by one's perception, Webster briefly describes it as ‘acts or nobility of purpose.' Under that definition, the employees of our county hospital and nursing home definitely fit the bill.

What if you accepted a position and were told that you would not receive any training of any sort, the equipment that you are to work with is antiquated, you would work long hours and would not be guaranteed a pay check and you would go for years without the hope of an increase in pay. Basically, you should just be happy to be associated with your employer. Sounds ludicrous doesn't it? Well that is a position that the employees of Cimarron Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home have been in for years as I am told. No training, no technology and you receive a paycheck on time if you are lucky. So why do they continue to show up to work and provide services to this community? I believe that it is because of their sincere desire to provide ‘acts or nobility of purpose.'

I have had the pleasure to work with this group of people for one week now and am honored to do so. After having the opportunity to look over the financials, interview the employees and speak with the Board of Control, I am surprised that this hospital is still open. In my opinion, this hospital has been poorly managed for years. This is not a slam against the previous Board members but of the management that this hospital and nursing home has received for years. Unfortunately, people in my profession have the opportunity to cloud issues and forget what is reality and what is not. In my opinion, the Board members would have had little opportunity to delve very deeply into hospital finances. Basically, the County Commissioners, members of the Board of Control and the community were led into a false sense of security that this hospital was performing adequately enough to keep the doors open.

So the question is, will our hospital survive? Will we have a local hospital to provide health services and stabilize us in the event of an emergent situation? I cannot answer that. I work for the Board of Trustees for this hospital and they report to the County Commissioners who work for you, the citizens of Cimarron County. The Commissioners and Board members are 100% committed to keeping this hospital open but it is up to you to determine if this is a possibility. I am personally asking for your support, thoughts, hopes, well wishes and prayers as we move into this period of growth at Cimarron Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home. You may ask why we are intent on growing and my reply would be that we can regress no further. We have to move forward, provide more services and grow or we might as well shut the doors.

The County Commissioners, Board of Trustee members and the Employees of Cimarron Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home have sacrifice d of themselves giving countless hours, thought, prayer and personal financial resources to keep this hospital open. The employees have for years, provided the best service that they can with the technology and training available to them and are driven by the sincere desire and commitment to keep these doors open. This is your hospital and I am answerable to you, the community, for the operations and am pleased to do so. I cannot answer for the past Administrators, I can only answer for myself. You are now working with a person who still relies on a handshake, will look you straight in the eye and lives with the credo that my yes is my yes and my no is my no. Let's work together to make Cimarron County and our hospital and nursing home a better place to work, live and grow.

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