Santa Fe Trail Daze has been fun. The first thing I did was to go to the country store and get one of those yummy buffalo chips. I also got some snicker doodles in the shape of little animals.

We then went to see the parade. You most likely saw me in the traveling jail. I was picked up only because I was begging them to take me. My brother tried to run when they went for him. He didnít get too far and was imprisoned also. I guess if you have to go to jail itís more fun with family.

The parade really caused us to work up an appetite so my family went to the Methodist church for hamburgers. One of my friends had to stay and work so I ran around with another one until we could catch up with each other later.

We then went to the fairgrounds. I planned on watching all the posthole diggings, but had to leave because I was attacked by a nincompoop with foul smelling, foul named spray that makes you smell like rotten cheese. Thank you to the people who sold the spray to immature little boys! So being me, I went home and changed into fresh clothing and went back to the festivities only to find almost everyone had the spray. So I stuck close to an adult, if and when I was attacked again I could start crying and pointing at who did it. I wasnít sprayed again so I couldnít carry out my evil scheme. Darn.

This week also was special because my brother, his wife and little baby also came into town a few days before all the festivities started. My brother, Colter, lives in Muskogee, with his wife, Tasha, and their five month old daughter, Trinity. Colter wanted to spend his vacation here with us so his wife could see the wild west. Santa Fe Trail Daze was a great way for them to be entertained. I am just sorry they had to leave early Sunday.

We have had a lot of fun this past week. I hope you had a great time too. But now I am sure looking forward to this week because we have another bunch of family coming Ö but you will hear about that next time!