Slinging a smooth stone

An article at the bottom of page one of the May 30 edition of The Daily Oklahoman caught my eye. The article entitled ďPlan would let Osage set countyís standardsĒ told of an attempt by Osage Congresswoman Faren Revard Anderson to have the Osage Nation set the environmental standards for Osage County, (Pawhuska), in the stateís Northeast corner.

Andersonís plan, according to the article, had raised concerns in the countyís ranchers. Representatives of the EPA werenít thrilled either. I can understand their concerns, because the idea of letting a sovereign Indian Nation set any legal standards inside the borders of the United States could, it seems to me, open a can of worms we donít need.

Now I will agree as quickly as anyone, that the U.S., based on its sordid history with Aboriginal Natives of this nation, has much to apologize for. The Osage, for their part have a cruel history from the turn of the century and murders over oil leases.

All that aside, should the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court, (for thatís where this will eventually go), allow this to happen, Iím afraid some far more serious things could occur.

To me this could leave open an avenue to an attempt by an Islamic minority to bring Sharia Laws into the U.S. We cannot allow this to happen so this hole in the dam of the U.S. legal system, must be solidly plugged.

I have read that Sharia laws have already begun to encroach in some European nations; this is frightening. This would include such things as legalizing laws that would effect business, politics, religion, social issues and sexuality.

Under Sharia law it could be legal to:

F Beat those drinking alcohol.

F Allow spousal abuse.

F Make an eye for an eye, a legal context.

F Thieves could be mutilated or crucified.

F Homosexuals executed.

F Fornicators beaten and adulterers stoned to death.

F Critics of Mohammand could be beaten or killed.

F Criticism of a cleric could bring execution.

The U.S. must retain its sovereignty; this attempt to circumvent federal laws must be quashed.