"Doc” lays it out

by C. F. David

J.L. “Doc” Wheeler, has, at least for as long as he's lived in Cimarron county, had an opinion. This week is no different.

“I'll tell ya, as I understand it, the new administrator, says he'll come back if we get rid of two board members.”

“Burrus made a good impression on me. He's capable and he's conscientious.”

“I think he'll make a hell of good administrator.”

“Years ago, we, the hospital, had a lot of money.”

Castle Rock came in here several years ago, and hired Docs Who Care. That's sorry medicine. They can't follow up with their patients.”

They were charging $60 an hour on a 24-hour day. “

“I charge about $20 per hour and $40 per hour when I work the clinic so Dr. Yoga can have a day off...when they pay me; they haven't paid me since February.”

So you can see what happened to the money. So now, we're broke.”

“And some members of the board want to keep that consulting company and pay them.”

“We can't afford it.”

“For the second place, if we have an administrator, we don't need a consulting company.”

“The commissioners are gonna have to get rid of two board members.”

“I'm gonna try and help him, [Burrus] and I'm gonna tell the commissioners what the score is- it's in the best interest of the hospital to get Burrus back out here.

“I'm just like him, we don't need a consulting company. We need another good doctor; one than can do procedures so we can bring some money in here. They [consulting companies] prevented us from doing it.'

“Under their guidance and managment was what put us into this hole. They aren't gonna get us out of it. And they had to know that they were ruining us,” he added.

“It's gonna be an uphill battle.

My malpractice insurance doubled to $14 thousand; if I stay out of that hospital, I won't need it,” Wheeler explained.

I'm gonna do everything I can to see that the hospital stays open. But I'm scared to death we're gonna lose it ”he grimaced.


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