Collins comments

by Kelly collins

get impatient when I get to town and there are 4 trucks that need to get by before I can get to where I am going. I have forgotten just how good it is out here.

I once lived in a very large city. When I first moved there it had only 80,000 residents. When I left it had 750,000. In that time one new road was built and two existing roads had lanes added. One other road was built but that was a toll road.

During the traditional rush hours the whole roadway system turned into a long skinny parking lot. It could take an hour to drive 8 miles.

I have been gone from there for almost 10 years but I do go back occasionally to visit my daughters. In my absence they have completed one more new road and widened a couple more. One can hardly tell the difference though in the rush hours that I knew.

So next time you are caught on the wrong side of the rail road tracks, or there is a convoy of trucks going around the square sit and relax and count your blessings. We have it made.

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