Detailing the Issues

by Robert Shank

After much deep thought, prayer, and urging from others, I reluctantly decided to write a regular article in the paper. I, and others felt it was time to hear the views from that, as some call it, the radical Christian right. Yes, I am a Christian; I am a veteran. Since I served my four years in the Marine Corps during peacetime my assignment was nothing compared to most other veterans and those currently serving on active duty, yet I am still proud to have served my country.

I am also a Conservative Republican.

My definition of conservative is one who supports a smaller less intrusive government. I believe in our Constitution, our representative Republic, our all volunteer military, and mostly our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I feel it is time our country gets wholly, one hundred percent, behind our military and its leaders. We don't need our troops in foreign lands feeling let down by their countrymen just because it is an election year.

I've heard it said that the World War II generation was the greatest generation in American history. I believe that. What made them so great? Civilians endured hardship at home while their loved ones went to foreign lands to fight a great evil. There was full support for our military, and sacrifices were made at home to support their effort. Pride was a way of life. What has changed? In the 1940's whole families, churches and communities prayed for our troops. Now, we have a bunch of soft, non-appreciative, left-winged, two-faced wimps, bad mouthing our soldiers, airmen, and sailors, who are everyday in harms way. This is an outrage. Let's learn a lesson from the World War II generation. Support our troops, support our president, and thank God we have been blessed more than any other nation.

And to our troops:

I know some receive this paper in far away lands. Please know things back home are not as they have seemed in this paper of late. This country supports and loves you very, very much. I can't imagine how frightening it must be for you. Walking by a vehicle, will it blow up? Should you remove your protective armor because of the oppressive heat, then get shot in the back by some terrorist coward? Or at night when you hear a noise, are you taking your last breath, will you see your loved ones again?

I pray in these and whatever fearful situations you find yourself in, that you will rely on God the Father. What is in the dark will be revealed in the light. I've heard it asked, how can you defeat an enemy who is not afraid to die for his god? Well, read the back of the Book. See who has the final victory, in the final war. The one and only true living God, that's who. You are a part of God's army. Be brave. Trust in God. He will let you feel his presence. Remember, Jesus said he would send a comforter. Trust in the Lord. We love you and thank you. We are a very grateful nation and county. Thank you for being over there, so we are kept save over here.

God Bless, Simper Fi, Robert Shank


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